Monday, July 25, 2011

H Love

Loving you
is having a hole
in the middle left side of my chest.
Yes, a perfectly drilled hole;
with the nerves and sinews exposed.
And there sits that great beating organ
Raw with loving you.
And every time you cry it is poked.
Even the good things
(Like your small hand on my cheek)
squeeze so hard it hurts.
And I'm thinking of writing this feeling down.
And I'm putting away your dirty pink tennies.
And out falls a penny.
Lucky copper.
It tinkles when it hits the floor.
It's heads. It's you.
And I feel it...right there,
my open heart.


  1. Swooning and the beauty and the tenderness here.
    Each of my kids has at least one poem from me, but they are so hard to write. You have to break your heart to do it, so the lines here seem very appropriate.

  2. Swooning AT at the beauty and tenderness...
    Why don't comments have auto-edit?